Gray Nicolls Blue Maax Cricket Bat Review

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If you are a huge fan of Pakistan cricket, then you will have watched Babar Azam score his maiden t20 century

against South Africa. It was an absolutely wonderful knock and if you look more closely, you will have noticed he was using the new Gray-Nicolls Blue Maax bat which forms part of their 2021 range.

It’s actually also endorsed by some very big names including Aaron

Finch and Stoinis as well as if you are one of our frequent readers, you will know we love the Gray Nicolls bat range which is part of our top-rated cricket bats post.

First thing you notice about the bat is how nice looking the bat is, I love the blue stickers on it and the stickers look very clean. Having spoken to cricketers in general, it seems they prefer the blue to the green model from last year.

Now looking into the shape of the bat itself, lets start with the middle. This bat has a mid to high middle which means it’s perfect for the backfoot player and suited for fast pitches.

Taking a peek at the toe of the back, its quite interesting as it’s not a duckbill toe and neither a full spine either. The weight evenly runs down the back and stops just before the toe which gives you a long-playing area or a longer sweet spot. There is very minimal concaving on the bat when you look down the blade which means you still get quite a wide sweet spot and great for shorter forms of the game such as t20.

In terms of the pick-up, the bat feels reasonable balanced which is expected with a mid to high middle bat. The one I have tested with is a 2lb 9oz but felt like a 2lb 8oz. Considering this has 38mm edges, a 63mm spine and an 18mm toe, it’s a fantastic pick up.

One thing I do love especially with Gray Nicolls new range is their new traction grip which is quite a cool design and very innovation. Feels great in your hands and has a tacky feel to it along with good thickness.

Lastly, when I tested this for responsiveness with a ball, it had quite a medium feel to it. To get the best out of it, it might take half a season or so to reach its peak performance.


Overall, quite pleased with this bat. Very happy that they have moved over from the green colours to the blue, think it looks much better. Main thing for me was how good it feels in the hand for quite a big profile bat. Definitely one worth checking out.

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