Best Cricket Thigh Guards 2021

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I can’t mention how many times I have had batsmen come to me mentioning how uncomfortable their thigh pads are and difficult to manoeuvre. When you are out in the middle, the last thing that you want is for the pads to restrict your movement or even worse, not feel safe in your attire. If you are one of these people who cannot seem to find a good set of pads to fit then trust e, you want to see this!

So, I have spoken to some of the local cricket dealers as well as professional cricketers so that I can help you understand what the best options on the market are and how they can benefit your game. So, let’s dive straight in!

Best Cricket Thigh Guards 2021

1. Gray Nicholls Legend 360Ergonomic DesignWhiteCheck Price
2. Masuri E-LinePro FoamsNavy/YellowCheck Price
3. Adidas 1.0 CombiSoft Towel BackingWhiteCheck Price
4. Aero P1 StripperPE Hi-ImpactWhite/BlueCheck Price
5. Gunn & Moore OriginalComfort FoamWhiteCheck Price
6. Kookaburra Pro PlayersMicroweight UHDFWhiteCheck Price
7. Puma EvoDual DensityWhite/Blue AzurCheck Price
8. New Balance TC 1260 ProtectorPre-curveWhite/RedCheck Price
9. Salix Pro CombiProtective FibreWhiteCheck Price
10. Newbery All In OneTowelling BackedWhiteCheck Price

1. Gray Nicholls Legend 360

The first thing you’ll notice is the all-in-one design with the bold Gray-Nicholls legend logos across the front and inner thigh pads. If you are a big fan of the Gray-Nicholls products then you’ll know that the same logo is engraved onto the Legend cricket bats as well as their cricket bag. This is quite unusual because you would usually wear the pads inside your whites whereas this logo isn’t on the batting pads or gloves which are out on show.

Looking into the protection aspects, you’ll see a very strong focus on hip protection which consists of strong but lightweight material.

However, weirdly, I absolutely love the strapping with these thigh pads with the end tabs made of such nice texture and won’t get in the way under your whites or rub against anything. The straps themselves are made of this towel like material which are also fantastic and combine with the tabs to provide a nice quick release system for strapping up your pads.

Looking at the inner thighs pads, another cool thing you’ll notice is how tapered they are with them not feeling too clunky and providing lots of space. Plus the strap across your hips has big range of movement so if you are someone who has quite a skinny waist like mine, these are still great for a tight fit.

The only disadvantage that I might mention is that you have to use this as an all-in-one system and can’t just use the outer pads separately.  On top of that, they are slightly heavier than other pads on the market, I think the number I was given by my local shop was roughly 100g more than other brands. Although, this is added weight, I personally did not feel like it was too clunky or weighed down, but more importantly felt a bit more safe and protected with anything fired at my thighs.

2. Masuri E-Line Combo

Masuri E-Line Combo All in One Thigh GuardThe Masuri E-Line is a brand new introduction to 2019 and if you are anything like me, you may not have heard of them before. I did some research on their website and found out them very intriguing. There were some bold claims like setting the standard in the industry and if you have read my article on batting pads then you will know that they have made an appearance on that list too.

These all-in-one thigh guards are built to the comfort and shape preferred by top level professional cricket players. One thing that’s important is the range of movement and I’ve worn a few where they may feel a bit bulky and get in the way sometimes. But, these are really well built and an innovative design.

It features a slimline and strong composite of comfort foams and ultra pro foams that offers a combination of premium impact absorption while maintaining a streamlined silhouette. The ultra foam is made from a combination of graded foam to give you the perfect balance of flexibility and protection.

3. Adidas 1.0 Combi

These like the Legend 360’s are a combination of inner and outer thigh pad in one. There are top of the range for Adidas thigh pads but they do have the cheaper option which is the Adidas 2.0’s.

Putting these on for the first time before my practice net session, I must say I really like these set of pads especially when it comes to value for money. If you have read my other reviews, then you will probably notice me having said this before but Adidas have been quite consistent with providing good value for money throughout their product range.

In terms of protection, again taking into account how much they are, its phenomenal value for money. If you are a big England fan, then you may have seen the likes of Stuart Broad and Tom Curran sporting these out internationally so if it is good enough for those guys then I’m sure it will be good enough for a Saturday local league player.

Unlike, the Gray-Nicholls all in ones, Adidas are quite subtle with their branding and haven’t printed a huge logo across the thigh pads themselves. I quite like the simplicity of these pads, especially with these days where you can get wide range of colours and designs, I like this touch from Adidas.

The one thing to note is that these pads don’t include the hip protector like some of the other pads on the market. Again, they are not a necessity and mostly comes down to personal preference. I have people at our club who feel that the hip protector can feel quite bulky and restrict some movement. I myself, like having it there so it’s really down to personal preference. Plus, with these you can just use them as a single outer thigh pad if you don’t fancy wearing the inner thigh pad.

Furthermore, although the straps are pretty good, they are quite thin so you are limited as to where they can stick to on the thigh pads themselves. Some pads offer, full Velcro on the thigh pads themselves so some batsmen may prefer having that option. But then at the same time, I found that they are so easy to put on and assemble because of the various Velcros that goes around your hips so you can assemble and disassemble so quickly which can be difficult with some of the other all in ones.

4. Aero P1 Stripper

Aero P1 Stripper Thigh Guard ReviewThese are probably the first thigh pads you think of when you think of all in ones, they are so damn popular now.

In terms of the Velcro strapping, I love the fact that outside thigh pad has a bit patch of Velcro so the straps can be pulled up tighter/looser or even higher/lower based on my preferences. Plus, the outside pad has two straps compared to just the one from previous models. This is a huge improvement especially when you are running between the wickets, these straps keep them fitted around your legs and stops them moving around.

In terms of protection, these will withstand top speed bowlers all the way up to international level. Plus you get quite extensive protection including your lower stomach and hip protectors which can be quite sensitive areas. Most importantly, the foams and various plastics are 3D moulded which means that they will feel quite snug on your leg and help keep them nicely fitted.

The one disadvantage that you might want to consider is that they are much bulkier now compared to the older versions. I am personally relatively shorter in terms of height and have heard from other cricketers that it can be a little too bulky sometimes.

5. Gunn & Moore Original All In One

Gun & Moore Original All In One Thigh Pads ReviewGunn & Moore have always been quite a trustworthy brand with their range of products and it’s no different for these Original all in one’s. The Original range featured quite high up in our list of batting gloves for this year.

So, these don’t have a fiberglass shell like what some other thigh pads and all-in-one thigh pads do but it doesn’t need it. The foam in this item is dense and you will not feel a thing in it. It is extremely hard and it will offer some of the best protection out of any type available out there on the market. It has a nice mesh over the top to help keep the weight down.

On the inside, it has a cotton line that makes it very comfortable. It feels quite soft on your leg and it has a bit of soft feel behind it as well. The straps are very thick which leads for a more stable thigh pad that will not move around on your leg and they are quite tight as well. It has an inner thigh pad that is adjustable and removable from the inside.

If you are looking for something that offers an extremely high protection level that is quite light and it’s an all-in-one set, the Gunn & Moore thigh pad is nice to have a look at.

6. Kookaburra Pro Players Guard

Kookaburra Pro Players Guard Thigh Guard ReviewThese again are an all-in-one thigh pads and are a premium end product for Kookaburra. Straight away when you put these on, you’ll see that they are really snug around your legs, very comfortable fit.

If you are looking for something that’s not too overly chunky or bulky, then these will definitely be of interest. Consisting of ultra-high density foam, they are great for running between the weights without compromising protection levels.

However, unlike the Pro 500 guards from Kookaburra, these are further re-enforced with polycarbonate which makes it even tougher especially for those batsmen facing high speed deliveries.

One thing to take into account is that these do not have hip protectors, which I personally like as they tend to get in the way under your whites and make them even more lightweight.

7. Puma Evo

Puma Evo Thigh Guard ReviewThe Puma Evo thigh pad is a little different in design to many older cricket thigh pads on the market due to the protection on both legs.  Previously, thigh pads were made to be worn on the leading leg of a batsman to protect the thigh when stepping out to the ball.  However, the Puma Evo goes one better and had two pads, one to protect each thigh.

The Puma Evo are made with pre-moulder fibre and this adds to the dual density foam protection offered by the pads.

The towelled lining is soft and padded to provide plenty of comfort when at the crease and the elasticated straps allow the Puma Evo to be adjusted to fit nicely.

8. New Balance TC 1260 Protector

New Balance Protector TC 1260 Thigh Guard ReviewThe New Balance Protector is another top dual pad design to be worn in conjunction with standard cricket pads.  If you are a player who likes to play on the front foot, you may be struck with the ball above the pads and this is where the New Balance Protector comes into play.

The dual thigh protector comes with a pre-moulded comfort fit, dual density crosslink foam and a plastic reinforcement sheet to both protect and feel relaxed when batting.  The double-sided sweat band ensures a good fit but keeps the New Balance Protector comfortable for long innings.

The New Balance Protector offers protection to both legs without ever becoming a distraction.

9. Salix Pro Combi

Salix Pro Combi Thigh Guard ReviewIf you are a batsman who likes to play a range of shots you open yourself to be struck with the ball not only on the front leg but both legs.  That’s where the Salix Pro Combi becomes useful due to the dual thigh protection design.

The combination PU protection on the outer of the thigh pads in combination with the protective fibre inserts means you can trust the Salix Pro Combi to prevent the ball from causing any damage should it strike you during play.

The double Velcro straps means the pads are adjustable and good for players of all sizes plus the inner is towel lined to offer some added comfort.  The Salix Pro Combi provides both protection and comfort when at the crease.

10. Newbery All In One

Newbery Cricket have a long and successful history of producing high quality cricket bats and they have also moved into other areas of cricket equipment, including thigh pads.

The Newbery All In One has been constructed from a light-weight, high density foam which not only provides great protection but is also very comfortable to wear.  Each thigh pad is towel lined and the straps are large to keep the thigh pad secure and spread the load over a larger surface area.

There is an extra insert which you can use when facing fast bowlers but the back pad can also be removed altogether if you would like to use only the front pad, perhaps during practice for example.

The Newbery All In One is a high quality thigh pad and well worth the investment.

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