Best Cricket Helmet 2021

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Cricket helmet for me is a vital piece of equipment for any budding cricketer who is looking to take it serious. When you are facing leather cricket balls with speeds of up to 90mph, it takes one deviation off the pitch to see the ball hurling towards your head.

There is nothing worse than walking out to the middle and having to put on a helmet that doesn’t fit well or doesn’t feel comfortable. With leather balls being hurled at you, if you don’t feel safe out in the middle then you are not going to perform to the best of your abilities out in the middle.

So, I have decided to do some research and spoken to a few coaches around my area to come up with a list of protective helmets that will help you feeling safe while not being too expensive on the wallet.

Best Cricket Helmets 2021

1. Gunn and Moore Purist Geo

Gunn and Moore Purist Geo Helmet ReviewThe Gunn and Moore Purist Geo helmet is a renowned piece of cricket equipment since major cricketers use it as their first choice helmet. This helmet complies with the BS7928 safety standards; the grille is non-adjustable vertically against the helmet as it used to be prior to the introduction of safety standards, therefore the ball cannot pass through the peak gap between the helmet and grille.

The iconic green color is perhaps the reason for the name as is the legendary GM branding. This helmet is completely customizable when it comes to inner paddings. On the inside, for either side of the helmet, there are two paddings; GM however ship three additional paddings in 4, 8 and 15 mm sizes. The cricketer can change these as per their comfort level with the available sizes. The pad to the front is removable as well, with a thicker one as an optional replacement.

With a dial adjuster for fitting, on the back and weighing in on just shy of a kilo, these are not lightweight but testament to the superior build quality of the shell that is robust with exceptional impact absorbing properties.

2. Kookaburra Pro 1200

With a navy cloth cover and bright green side ear protectors, the Kookaburra Pro 1200 comes in at £53. The ergonomic design and full compliance with the Australian and British safety standards (BS7928), this helmet is a pro-choice for mainstream cricketers. The faceguard is lightweight steel with a traditional design but contemporary features. The shell has polymer lining with extremely dense impact absorption properties and shock dissipation is top notch that shows a no tolerance policy against complacency in the protection department by Kookaburra.

At the back of the helmet, there is an adjustment belt with a dialer that allows the batsman to tighten of loosen it for better fitment. The padding on the inside comes with three additional sizes for the batsman to choose the perfect fit; including the sweatband that is removable. The chinstrap is buckle fitted and easy to tighten to the length that suits best. Helmets, in order to meet the safety standards have become slightly heavier with this one weighing around a kilogram, which is relatively more than its counterparts available in the market are.

3. Shrey Armor

Shrey Armor Helmet ReviewThe Shrey Armor helmet for batsmen is slightly up the bracket for helmets, with a price tag of £55.20. The black front grille, navy cloth cover and the black side ear protectors give this helmet a dark outlook. Weighing approximately 940 grams, this has a fixed grille for facial and side protection. The side plates are embossed and fixed in the grille for ultimate protection. These are again completely compliant with the British safety standards that are a benchmark for batting helmets and recommended by ICC for the peak and grille. The back of the helmet is slightly long so that it conforms to different fitment requirements.

The inner sweatbands are removable whereas there is a permanent layer of foam all across the inside of the helmet for increased protection. The SHREY branding on either side gives off a classy old-school traditional feeling that would be an additional attraction to an already elegant piece of equipment. There are two air holes on the top as well for breathability for the batsman.

4. Gray-Nicolls Test Opener

Gray-Nicolls Test Opener Helmet ReviewThe £60 Gray-Nicolls Test Opener batting helmet is an endorsed version by none other than Alastair Cook. This cloth covered elegant helmet conforms to the British and Australian safety standards for protection. What might seem unusual about this particular helmet is that, for a cloth covered one, it does not have any air holes at the top in the shell, for airflow.

The apex grille design is another distinguishing factor for this helmet with sweeping curves and a grille plate for ear protection as the factory fitted shock absorber for the ears is attached to the top where the grille meets the shell of the helmet. The grille itself is steel construction and the helmet overall weighs in at just shy of 950 grams which is lighter than some recent releases from major helmet manufacturers.

The inside has a cross pattern padding for air ventilation and no earpiece means that that process becomes just a little easier for the batsman; Gray Nicolls call this the interflow vent cannel system. The padding is thick enough for the batsman to not worry about impact absorption and protection. To top that off, an endorsement from the recently retired test cricketer who wore it day in day out on the field means that cricketers inherently rely on this one as one of the best options in the market and is chosen by entry level and those at the very top.

5. Masuri VS  Club Steel

Masuri VS  Club Steel Helmet ReviewThe £65.60 Masuri Vision Series steel helmet is a lightweight option for club cricketers. Masuri have made a name for themselves in the cricket world for providing top notch batting helmets that are a first choice for many a cricketer. This helmet offers the best level of protection that a helmet can offer through the new reinforced rim that minimizes movement between the peak and the carbon steel grille in impact. Masuri call their grille design and overall aesthetic the Masuri Halo Reinforcement System (HRS).

The Club Steel helmet has a unique airflow grill design in the shell with the regular circular air holes but it also comes with two horizontal air vents at the front of the helmet. The green color gives off an extravagant but a traditional look. The three bar grille has a two piece ear padding for protection on the sides, in a ‘V’ shape, with the Masuri logo atop that. The grille is fixed since this helmet conforms to the safety standards recommended by ICC. This comes in multiple sizes that cater to almost all ages and head sizes.

6. Shrey Master Class Air 2.0 Titanium

Shrey Master Class Air 2.0 Titanium Helmet ReviewA steep price tag of £143.20 for the Shrey Master Class Air 2.0 Titanium Cricket Helmet seems justifiable for the features that this one offers. This helmet is currently the lightest helmet available in the market for professional cricketers, weighing in at 750 grams (the titanium version), all the while meeting the British safety standards recommended by the ICC. Due to that, this is chosen by top cricketers around the globe including Joe Root, Virat Kohli, Moeen Ali etcetera.

The fixed grille has the name of the model i.e. AIR, due to its extremely light weight, on one side and the SHREY logo on the other. The grille has been extended from the front and the sides than the previous iteration so that it now offers protection for the jaw and it also extends slightly down from the back to add to the protection level of the helmet, which most other manufacturers do not offer.

A free neck-guard is shipped with the helmet. The make room on the inside, there are thinner paddings offered by Shrey as replacements and vice versa. This helmet is top of the line and does not compromise in any aspect of the construction from the peak, the robustness of the shell, the grille, inner paddings or the cloth covered strap. A no-brainer that this is one of the best helmets a cricketer can and should choose.

7. TON Elite

Since conforming to the latest British standard for helmet safety (BS7928:2013) is necessary for it to be considered by professionals, there are no surprises when it comes to the TON Elite which is a compliant helmet. With a traditional powder coated steel grille design and wrapped in navy, this helmet hits all the right notes.

The construction itself is three layers where a layer of Polyurethane (PU) is in between two fiberglass layers for shock absorption. The three layers ensure there is maximum impact protection should the ball hit the surface of the helmet directly. The ear safety pads are moulded into the side, in the grille with a Velcro strap that is adjustable, as the wearer wants it. To address perspiration issues, there are holes on the top for breathability. Comfort on the inside of the helmet is provided by EPDM synthetic paddings as well as foam that not only absorbs sweat, it also adds an extra layer of cushioning against bludgeoning blows. There is foam padding throughout the bottom 1 inch all around the inside in the shell.

With a price tag of £35, these come highly recommended for batsmen seeking to find quality in their batting kits, with respect to safety and class.

8. Masuri Legacy Plus

Masuri Legacy Plus Cricket Batting Helmet ReviewThe Masuri Legacy Cricket batting helmet has a traditional helmet look but they still with the modern protection of Masuri. This helmet is compatible with the stem guard which is the same stem guard you get on the elite and on the test helmets. This is great because if you want to swap and get a different helmet it means you can play around with it. It has a single shell construction, so it is lighter.

I really like that it sort of gives that impression of a good quality helmet at an affordable price. There are two airflow vents at the top which is good for hotter days. On the interior, there is no adjuster unlike other Masuri helmets in the past. With this helmet, it is a foam which works as your adjuster.

Overall, the Masuri Legacy Plus Cricket Batting Helmet gives you value for money, it is made in England, and it is safe as it conforms to the new British safety standard.

9. Gray-Nicolls Atomic

Gray-Nicolls Atomic Cricket Helmet ReviewThe Gray-Nicolls Atomic Helmet is comfortable, lightweight, and safe to wear. It comes with a new fixed Apex grille designed to give players the maximum vision and coverage they can expect from a factory fitted grille.

The contoured reinforced peak is designed to combat the fastest bowlers while allowing the batsman to fully concentrate on the bat and ball. This helmet doesn’t compromise on style and safety as it can provide the perfect fit for any player playing at any level and it conforms to the British and Australian safety standards. It is available in small, medium, large, and extra large and it comes in a variety of colors to suit your preference.

10. Masuri Original Series MK2

Masuri has gone back to basics of the way they used to produce the helmets a few years ago and obviously, they have tweaked it a little to keep in mind the other British standard. The Masuri Original Series MK2 comes with fixed grille and they have completely modified the shell construction. It comes with a stronger peak and a much stronger grille as well. So going through the basic design of the helmet, it’s a cloth covered helmet, very well finished and manufactured in England.

This is a steel version which to the naked eye looks absolutely identical to the titanium but they are just a bit different. In terms of weight, the titanium one weighs just under 800 grams and the steel one is just a fraction less than 950 grams, so a fair difference there.

This is a fantastic helmet that is very well padded and it comes with removable padding. The velcro fasteners can be taken out and there are also ventilation holes to the inside. It is available in three sizes and also comes in a junior version as well for the junior players.

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