Best Cricket Bowling Shoes 2019

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As a bowler, we are usually not too concerned about cricket bowling shoes and how they may affect our bowling technique. With so many international brands available, it is very easy to pop into your local cricket shop and pick-up a cheap pair with some spikes on them.

However, the best bowling shoes are not always necessarily, the most expensive options that you see out there on the market.What’s most important is how comfortable they are around your feet and also how well they fit because you do not want your feet sliding around inside them. So, I have decided to sit down and do some research to see what I would consider to be the most comfortable options on the market right now.

So let’s dive straight in!

Best Cricket Bowling Shoes 2019

1. Puma EvoSpeedDuoflex RubberWhite/Coral/BlackCheck Price
2. Adidas Vector MidSynthetic OutsoleWhite/BlueCheck Price
3. Asics Gel Speed MenaceSolyte 65White/Gold/WattleCheck Price
4. Puma EvoSpeed 18.1Slip onWhite/Black/BlueCheck Price
5. New Balance CK4040REVliteWhite/RedCheck Price
6. Puma EvoSpeed 19.1Protective TPU SkinWhite/Black/BlueCheck Price
7. New Balance CK4050Ortholite FoamWhite/RedCheck Price

1. Puma EvoSpeed

Puma EvoSpeed Bowling Shoes ReviewAt £40, the Puma evoSPEED bowling shoe is a safe bet for anyone looking for cricket footwear designed with all the modern features at a cheap price. Puma has created a shoe specifically for fast bowlers, building in elements that keep it light in weight and provide comfort.

Where Puma shines is the overall design of the shoe. The upper consists of synthetic material, which provides comfort to the bowler and aids in his agility. This is complimented by a fully fused mesh window, which provides breathability for the player. An additional closure strap on top of the laces ensures added grip and stability when the bowlers foot lands, especially at high speed. This is essential as the bowler can run faster, safe in the knowledge the added grip will not let him down.

The outsole of the shoe is an anatomically designed one-piece sole, which provides stability and support, at the same time utilizing high-tech materials to minimize weight and maximize stability and reactivity. A rubber toe reinforcement has been incorporated by Puma, which provides additional grip while keeping the athlete’s foot safe from potential harm. The bottom of the shoe consists of a rubber plate with removable spikes. This does not only mean that a player can reconfigure the spikes to suit his needs and replace worn out spikes but also that the shoe is ideal for use on a number of surfaces.

The combination of high-tech, lightweight materials ensures the bowler can approach the crease at maximum speed and deliver stellar performances repeatedly, making this the ideal deal for a player looking to perform at his best.

2. Adidas Vector Mid

Adidas Vector Mid Bowling Shoes ReviewThe Adidas Vector Mid, at £63 is higher up the price spectrum compared to some of the other options available on the market. However, it packs a punch with its design and features, ensuring players can deliver amazing performances consistently.

Developed with the guidance of sports scientists and international cricketers, the Adidas Vector Mid is designed keeping the demands of fast bowling in mind. A synthetic and textile upper provides comfort and support, keeping the shoe light in weight. This is complimented by EVA cushioning in the midsole for additional grip and support. Furthermore, instead of the exterior strap, Adidas has developed a revolutionary internal vector strap that cradles the foot for ultimate support. As it has been built internally, it does not take away from the aesthetic appeal of the shoe, which features a striking blue and orange, along with Adidas’s traditional three stripes at the front.

The heel features ADIPRENE technology, which is a resilient cushioning used to protect the foot by reducing the impact and dampening shock to not only protect heels but spare joints as well. A bevelled heel provides smoother transition between jumping and landing, ensuring bowlers can achieve the explosiveness required to blow opposition batsmen away.

The Vector Mid also has TPU outsole material that results in a lightweight shoe and maintains foot integrity, along with mid cut ankle height for an improved fit. Removable spikes make customization to fit a player’s need and replacing worn out parts easy plus making this an ideal shoe for various surfaces.

3. Asics Gel Speed Menace

A state-of-the-art shoe, the Asics Gel Speed Menace has a relatively high price of £92, but is packed to the brim with high-tech, performance enhancing features. Aimed at fast bowlers, this is a lightweight but extremely durable cricket shoe.

The core ingredients that make up this top-of-the-line shoe are stability and flexibility, helping with injury protection and ensuring fast bowlers achieve top speed. Rear and forefoot gel units provide cushioning and absorb shock superbly during high impact moments. This allows movement in multiple planes and helps reduce the risk of injury. The Trusstic system reduces the weight of the shoe and further improves support for the wearer while retaining structural integrity.

ASICS lightest midsole material yet, the Solyte 65 is a revolutionary piece of technology, which provides increased stiffness and prevents deformation, making this one the most durable and long-lasting shoes on the market. Coupled with this, the DuoMax material in the midsole is placed to enhance support and stability, positioned sport-specifically. Located on the toe box, at the front of the shoe is the Pguard, added for protection from toe drag and further damage.

The Gel Speed Menace features Personalized Heel Fit (P.H.F). This consists of two layers of memory foam, lining the heel collar and created to mold to the bowler’s foot, giving an unparalleled personalized fit around the ankle. A removable sockliner means athletes can remove it to accommodate a medical orthotic. An external Velcro strap provides added grip and removable spikes result in flexibility in customization and upkeep.

With its top-notch design and second-to-none features, the ASICS Gel Speed Menace is the go-to shoe for serious athletes.

4. Puma EvoSpeed 18.1

Puma EvoSpeed 18.1 Bowling Shoes ReviewThe Puma evospeed 18.1 are an expensive pair of bowling spikes and coming in at £96, top of the line material has been used by in the making of these. They are part of the evospeed range of equipment from Puma and top cricket professionals are a target through this product. These spikes are renowned by reviewers and cricketers for their light weight and stunning stability features.

The upper is synthetic with a soft touch feel that provides durability while running. Stability has been a priority on the forefront as well since there are mesh windows on either side of the upper that also help the wearer a lot with breathability and perspiration. The mesh windows are fully fused within the upper for flexibility and to increase the longevity of the shoe. Puma have anatomically designed these spikes from scratch, hence the relatively hefty price tag. The strong spike inserts, eleven of them on each shoe, give you the ultimate grip when landing to deliver on the crease ensuring you neither slip nor do they stick in the grass deep so that the foot is unmovable for the split second it is on the ground.

The orange, black and white make up the color scheme where the closure strap is orange with a black design accent across the side. The addition of the closure strap protects the laces from loosening up, acting as a safety mechanism too. The toe has been reinforced with additional material that joins the black outsole making these one of the most comfortable yet durable bowling spikes options available in the market and a certain recommendation for professional cricketers.

5. New Balance CK4040

New Balance CK4040 Bowling Shoes ReviewThe New Balance is a low profile spike, with a price tag of £50. These shoes appeal to the traditional cricketer with subtle design accents, the New Balance logo across the side and a Velcro strap on the upper while keeping the overall look, design and feel of the shoe, relatively modern.

The leather on the upper is extra strong and high quality since New Balance are veterans when it comes to cricket equipment. They have these categorized under ‘stability’ as a product which shows how seriously have taken this aspect of the specification when creating this piece. There are eleven spikes inserted in the sole that are positioned to offer maximum grip and toe-off power in and after the delivery stride. The spikes with these are removable for increased traction should a cricketer require that.

The strap loops around the side that offers a custom fit for different sizes and types of feet. The location for the strap is a slight departure from tradition here since it is positioned mid-foot. The design helps the player hook and loop the strap around the foot in a manner where the foot rests comfortably against the high density EVA on the inside that helps prevent over-pronation, which becomes an issue for many a cricketer in their careers.

These shoes are an option for both the batsman and bowler. The ‘ABZORB’ in the heel of the shoe, unique to New Balance, helps cushion and protect the foot while running and bowling alike. These also have a medial post inserted within the midsole and is firmer and harder than the rest of the midsole for stability purposes.

6. Puma evoSpeed 19.1

Puma evoSpeed 19.1 Bowling Shoes ReviewAnother mention for Puma on the list and it’s very much deserved. The Puma evoSpeed 19.1 is an upgrade to the 18.1’s mentioned earlier and is a high performance shoe designed with the demands and rigors of modern bowling in mind.

The EVA midsole, reinforced toe guard, and lightweight upper provides support, comfort, and protection in abundance. This is undoubtedly one of the best bowling shoes on the market today.

It features a protective TPU skin that is fused to the mesh, enhancing its durability. The microfiber and mesh make it really tough and breathable. The reinforced toe area ensures it is durable, and it provides optimal protection.

The high performance outsole provides traction and superior stability while the EVA midsole of this cricket shoe ensure optimal cushioning. The thin sole helps to keep the weight down and less chunky.

7. New Balance CK4050

Another feature for New Balance and you will already know that I love shoes made by New Balance, they are so comfy whether it comes to cricket or running. The most impressive attribute about this shoe for me is the sock line fit that provides a lot of cushioning for the foot but also provides protection and comfort.

The Revlon midsole provides the same responsiveness as foams that are heavier which make sure the shoe is lightweight. It’s really important as a fast bowler that you have a lightweight shoe so you can transfer that energy, pierce, and speed through the crease.

The strap of the forefoot helps hold the foot into place, so when the foot land and that impact happens at the crease the foot is kept secure and stable. It’s very difficult for a fast bowler to find the shoes that are lightweight, comfortable, durable, and protective but I think the New Balance 2019 CK4050 cricket shoes provide exactly that.

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