Best Cricket Batting Gloves Review

Best Cricket Batting Gloves 2021

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Cricket gloves used for batting are one of the most important bits of equipment in your cricket. It takes one ball to deviate off the pitch and you’ll be left with a broken finger.

The best cricket batting gloves are not necessarily the most expensive options on the market. For me it has always been about the feel and the fit of the gloves. Batting gloves can cost you all the way up to £100 but hopefully my research here can help you find some cricket gloves that offer great protection without breaking the bank.

Today, we shall try to dive into why they matter as much as they currently do to a cricketer and their kit! A number of options exist in the market these days. Selecting the pair out of the multiple options a cricketer has, that just feels ‘right’ is the eureka moment for that batsman.

First off, when you are on the lookout for new gloves, you need to know and understand the difference between the types of batting gloves you have the option of purchasing. The materials that go into the production of a certain type of glove define its style and the usability element of that pair. Now, a cricket glove is a comparatively small piece of equipment from a cricketer’s kit, without which the kit would always stay incomplete, but its importance is significant.

Lets start of with the materials that are used

The factors that matter how a cricket glove performs (and can be considered an extension of the hand) include flexibility, protection, size, leather and foam quality, overall comfort and the fact how light the gloves are. The quality of the leather would insinuate the longevity of the product is top notch. Sheepskin, when used in a pair of gloves will definitely mean that they would offer excellent grip to the batsman and oozes quality all round. The high quality of leather in an expensive pair of gloves would mean that perspiration issues while batting in different conditions minimally effects the player, as opposed to a cheap pair of gloves that might cause trouble to the batsman and they might have to change pairs often during a game.

Another priority when looking for comfortable mitts is protection on the back of the hand. An expensive, well built pair would have padding in the make-up of the equipment, all the while providing extreme comfort. A decent Gunn and Moore pair of gloves claim to protect and absorb around 90% of the impact energy. Such are figures that matter when playing this sport professionally. Gloves that are made and sold simply for sake of protection although offer safety, which is minimal and the materials used are suede leather, PVC guards that can just ‘do the job’. We often see during matches, players calling for a change of gloves and constantly pulling them off to clear off sweat. An expensive glove by a reputable brand would not let that happen.

Now lets look at the two types of gloves

Now, what famous cricketers choose and wear, might influence and sway your decision to an extent, where it should not. Try out all the options before you choose one. Now, there are the two popular types of gloves that are manufactured by brands such as Gunn and Moore, Kookaburra etc. The Sausage finger style and the Split finger style. Let’s go over the different parts of these to understand how they are different!

A sausage finger style glove, as the name suggests, does not have any cuts on the upper part of the protective layer and hence is the superior type when it comes to protection. The cricket glove has come a long way from the start of the sport in the materials that are used to make it, whereas the manufacturer’s design initially, during the latter half of the 19th century was pretty much spot on. The sausage finger style of gloves offer supreme levels of flexibility with protection across the back of the hand to the thumb.

The second type of gloves are the Split finger style, also called the multi-piece glove. The third is a hybrid of the two!

The split finger style gained popularity during the 1990’s. The design for this involves small pieces of protection layered on top so that finger movement for the batsman stays natural. They are easy to wear and with the grip that comes with it, are generally preferred by batsman around the world. It is however always on the individuals’ preference to choose the perfect design that suits them.

Since broken fingers have become one of the most common type of injury, after the bouncer rose as a lethal weapon in a bowlers arsenal, added protection has become a necessity. Due to a rise in demand, manufacturers have added a hybrid type of gloves in their offerings. This type offers protection for the leading two fingers through the sausage style and the remaining get the multi-piece treatment. The first and second finger of the bottom hand are always the closest when hitting a shot, hence the increased protection. You get flexibility and protection of the highest level with the same product through a hybrid!

The bottom hand, being highly exposed is prone to injuries and therefore all fingers and the thumb have protection, whereas the glove for the upper hand does have protection for the thumb i.e. the left hand for a right-handed batsman. The idea behind this is to make sure the batsman has the required grip and the material does not wear off after rubbing against the handle of the bat through continuous use in the field. Lastly, an expensive glove now comes with laser-targeted holes at appropriate junctions within the design of the glove for perspiration to escape and air to fill that space.

I have also found a cool like video over on Youtube by Ben Williams who goes through some of these key things to look out for and how the gloves differ as you go from the lower-end options to the more premium options. Definitely worth a quick watch as it’s only 3 minutes long but full of useful information.

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Ok, so now let’s check out whose made it onto my list!

Best Cricket Batting Gloves 2021

1. Kookaburra Kahuna 1000Max FloWhite/GreenCheck Price
2. New Balance TC HybridCashmilonWhite/RedCheck Price
3. Adidas XT 2.0TPU ShellWhiteCheck Price
4. Gray-Nicolls Kronus TestTri-zone Pro ShieldWhite/GolfCheck Price

1. Kookaburra Kahuna 1000

Kookaburra Kahuna 1000 Batting Gloves ReviewBeing in the industry for more than 125 years, Kookaburra have more than established their name. Keeping that in mind, these Kookaburra gloves come at a price tag relatively cheaper than its counterparts available and sold in the market which not at all means that they have tried to cut down on cost at any junction in the production of the glove. These gloves are designed to be multi-piece for the index and middle fingers, and have just a single splitting cut for the ring and pinky fingers.

The bottom hand thumb has a two-piece padding on the back whereas the protection for fingers is completed with rounded ends and cotton filled reinforced fibre. As expected, sheep leather has been used by Kookaburra for the palms with a ventilation chamber design that runs almost all the way on the side of the glove and fingers, and has been dubbed ‘Max Flo’ ventilation by Kookaburra.

The palms are made of pittard leather that is extremely soft on the hands, provide the utmost level of comfort and are durable under continuous use.

The vulnerable bottom hand has high density impact foam (HDF) that matches the glove to grade 2 protection standards. With the Kookaburra logo at the top padding on the back, etched in black, the flex these pads provide does not compromise their impact handling capabilities in the slightest.

The towel wrist provides fastening through a loop with Velcro hooks.

The towel is single-sided, however the wrist-band provides a finish to the glove that feels expensive and elegant all the while. No part of the glove itches when you wear it which speaks volume about the overall build quality of this particular pair of gloves.

2. New Balance TC Hybrid

New Balance TC Hybrid Batting Gloves ReviewThese New Balance gloves are an arsenal to a cricketer’s kit. Although slightly higher up in the price bracket for professional gloves, these gloves are built like a tank.

First off, New Balance has labeled these under the hybrid category of gloves. They have tried to offer the maximum level of flex as well as protection they can with this style. Therefore, these are a mixture of the split finger style and the sausage style where all the four fingers have a ‘V’ shaped split on the upper part of the back of the hand. Adding the ‘V’ provides that extra bit of flexibility than a traditional glove. Hence, they technically offer two piece protection padding for the fingers.

With an aesthetic red and white color combination and  hints of silver along the top, these are top of the league and probably a first choice for cricketers as their ultimate batting gloves. Coming to the more specific features, the glove has plastic inserts between the padding and the soft foam for finger protection.

As per New Balance, they have added 16 plastic inserts and shields for all the fingers that will obviously make a batsman extremely comfortable in making these their first choice while playing. The finger roll material has been made using imported polyurethane leather.

The palm, which is perhaps the second most important part of a glove is made from premium sheep leather. Coming to the gusset, it is a stretchable and ventilated material and perspiration will pose minimal issues while batting.

The overall design of the glove has been carefully selected so as to not leave any room for a drop in the level of protection when the glove is flexed. With the high level of impact absorption and maneuverability, this pair of gloves by New Balance come highly recommended for someone starting off with their professional cricket career as a batsman.

3. Adidas XT 2.0

Adidas are renowned in the industry for keeping their processes simple and leading innovation in manufacturing various sports equipment and apparel.

These gloves, on a first glance might rub off as lacking the pizzazz and flair in the aesthetic sense; however that is not the case with the long list of features these gloves carry. The design is a split finger style in a more traditional sense.

The design for the fingers is rounded with soft cotton and High Density Foam (HDF) filling. The three piece padding on the fingers is all HDF, which is renowned for its impact absorption qualities. There is pittard leather wrapped on the thumb for protection as well as durability since, in absence of that, the leather would not last as long after being constantly rubbed against the handle of the bat for hours on end in the field.

The Velcro tab to fasten the glove on the hand is TPU which stands for thermos-plastic polyurethane. That ensure durability and longevity of the glove. The black on white design is classic Adidas. The two sided towel wristband has a simple design with two black stripes running across the band for aesthetic purposes.

The top and bottom fingers of the glove have two gray and black curves for design purposes, where as the rest of the glove is all white. Adidas also claims that the leather used for the palm is their highest grade of sheepskin leather that oozes class all around the product.

Sheep leather, though is often used by different manufacturers in their gloves, varies in quality from manufacturer to manufacturer. Sheep leather in these gloves seems to be superior to its counterparts in the market mainly due to the comfort it provides as well as durability. It is extremely easy on the hand without rubbing against the skin, rather offering a cushioning effect while holding the bat.

4. Gray-Nicolls Kronus Test

Gray-Nicolls Kronus Test Batting Gloves ReviewThe Gray-Nicolls Kronus come on the high-end spectrum with respect to price when it comes to batting gloves. With an elegant, gold and white design that appeals to the inner aesthetic in you, these gloves are not lacking in protection and comfort either.

They carry the ‘ergonomic badge’ with them due to their light weight that is thanks to a pre-curved finger design. The design is a mix between the sausage and split finger styles. The bottom two fingers of the glove are sausage style. Since sausage style gloves are renowned for supreme levels of protection, they are not known for their flexibility traits.

However, the Kronus are a hybrid with cuts on the top two finger paddings that allow flexibility required to hold a bat with arguably excellent levels of grip. These are for traditionalists who prefer gloves that do not compromise on protection on any part of the hand. Adding to that, the pre-curved design means that the split does not have an additional padding to cover up the exposed part, rather the split itself has an additional layer underneath when the top two fingers of the bottom hand are extended or wrapped around the bat.

The side the glove is layered with additional padding which Gray Nicolls has called ‘Tri-Zone- shielding. This feature of the glove is different from its competition in the sense that it has gel in the padding on the side with another pad called the ‘Diffuser foam’.

The back of the hand has in total three layer; the diffuser foam, a fibre shield and HDF that is extremely light weight. The sweatband is elastic with double-sided towel that absorbs moisture from the skin all the while providing the comfort and the easygoing feel that a batsman requires. These come highly praised for their longevity and design in the industry.

5. Kookaburra T20 Flare

Kookaburra T20 Flare Batting GlovesKookaburra has already grabbed the top spot and gets another feature on the list. These Kookaburra T20 Flare’s are very high quality gloves specifically designed for the short-format of the game. It is a contemporary styled glove that offers comfort and exceptional protection.

The super soft brushed cotton lining makes this glove even more comfortable. It features a duo-flex design that gives you the maneuverability needed to express yourself at the crease. It is made from premium leather that provides breathable comfort. The single-sided towel wrist strap keeps the gloves securely in place and absorbs sweat. It features high-density foam, so it provides a very high level of protection.

If that isn’t enough, all the fingers in the leading hand are fiberglass reinforced providing you with very tough protection. It comes with a nice calf and palm protection as you would expect in a top-quality glove. If you are looking for a grade 3 quality cricket batting gloves with the ability to add flair to your game, the Kookaburra T20 flare is a perfect choice.

So whether you want to ramp the ball over the keeper or you want to get your hands quickly through the ball, the T20 flare have you covered.

6. Gray-Nicolls Legend

Gray-Nicolls Legend Batting Gloves ReviewThe Gray-Nicolls Legend batting gloves is a top of the range cricket glove made especially for Test-Level performance. You may have noticed me mentioning the Legend cricket range before especially their thigh guards which are known for being some of the most protective options on the market. This impressive level of protection comes in with their batting gloves.

This glove scores high in protection and yet it is comfortable and light to wear. It protects the players through a series of interlocking ‘V’ designs which helps to absorb impact, thanks to its high-density lightweight foam. Beyond that, the gloves have thumb and side impact bars with gel protection.

It features premium grade leather palms which provide moisture control and exceptional feel. The interlocking design of this glove allows for comfort and flexibility.

The traditional pre-curved fingers of the Legend range give it a soft fill comfort. It also features an elasticized, double-sided sweatband that helps to absorb moisture for improved comfort.

7. Gunn & Moore Original LE

Gunn & Moore Original LE Batting Gloves Review

If you know me then you will know that I love the Original range by Gunn & Moore. I remember testing the cricket bat a few months back and I absolutely loved the craftsmanship. Now will these gloves be as impressive?

The Gunn & Moore Original LE batting gloves is a pro-level glove that offers players the best level of impact protection. It features a full sausage finger HDF design which makes it light.

The leading fingers are wrapped in the Gunn & Moore’s extreme impact protection foam layers. This gives you plenty of flexibility and lots of protection.

It is made of premium pittard leather that gives players plenty of grips but also helps move sweat through the gloves so it dries quicker. Inside the Gunn & Moore gloves are a full towel design that is super soft on the hand. They also feature XRD technology which makes it lightweight, breathable, flexible, and comfortable.

The Gunn & Moore Original LE batting gloves has a contouring material that helps to dissipate force on impact. This can absorb up to 90 percent energy as it forms a protective shell that helps to shield the player’s hand from an impact.

8. Puma Evo Se

Puma Evo Se Batting Gloves ReviewPuma Evo Se Batting Gloves ReviewPuma Evo Se Batting Gloves ReviewThe Puma Evo batting glove is a top-of-the-line glove with an ultra soft lining for comfort and it looks absolutely great. It features a super supple palm with a good wear patch.

Puma is one of the first people to actually do that and they carry that through this glove. The big thing about this glove is flexibility thanks to its diagonal splits. It comes with a slightly contoured diagonal split that that allows you a lot of protection even when the hand is wrapped around the bat. The diagonal split keeps the protection in there even though you have your fingers bent.

Each of the little splits has a fiber coating with a fiber cage over the high-density foam on the leading tips of the leading hand and it also has a three-piece side bar protection. The mesh on this batting glove helps with ventilation while the perforated leather palm comforts you.

We are super impressed by this glove as it comes with great high-density foam, good quality materials, soft PU, and a really cool wristband.

Not only does it look right it also feels great with its perforated palm.

9. New Balance DC 1080

New Balance DC 1080 Batting Gloves ReviewBeing a qualified coach, I get to test out quite a few New Balance products and they are always known for being so comfortable this goes for their bowling shoes and batting pads. But what are their batting gloves like?

New Balance DC 1080 comes with sidebar cushioning on both hands for maximum protection. The finger role material is made from imported Korean PU while the palm is made of premium sheep leather.

The fingers on this glove are split into 4 cuts, making the gloves very flexible when you hold the bat. The sidebar cushioning on the hands help to protect the inside of your index finger. It features targeted perforations in the palm helps with breathability.

The plastic shields and plastic inserts on the panels of the lead fingers provide additional protection on all the fingers. The multiple splits on the finger ensure an adaptable fit. It is topped with fiber sheeting. It has flat pieces with multiple breaks through the hand and diagonal splits to give you good coverage.

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